ANNOUNCMENT BOARD – updated March 2022

The information on this page is directly relavent to EVERY session booked (YES, YOU.) It has been added to and curated over many years and placed here so that you can easily passively look at it 24hrs a day as many times as you need to, in the efforts towards striaghtforward, clear and upfront communication with real clients. 

If you choose not to read any of the information and fill out a booking form anyway I will of course proceed with the booking and deposits thinking you have read the simple info on here like rates  rules and my location.


I offer IN-Person sessions. 

At this current location I can now offer the frequently requested over-night sessions and multi day stays (for those with the substantial resources to afford that.)



It’s fast and simple >>>

 – Read Website info

 – Fill out Booking Form

 – Choose a Date and Time

 – Send Deposit and Photo

 – Then that time is reserved for you, you will receive directions to the location where your special session will be hosted and the contact number for that day.



I often have unwanted interest from mentally unstable and violent people. Over the years a screening process (as brief and efficient as possible) has been established to help me avoid uninvited trespassers and stalkers so that the discretion of my location can remain a safe pleasant experience for us both.

A deposit and photo of your picture id (see Rates & Deposits section) will be required to book any appointment with me.

A  picture of your photo id (you can put paper over the address if you want) I just need name (to match to transfer) face (so I can recognize the correct person at the meet up) and date of birth (so I can verify you’re 21 or over)

Both of these things go towards screening/establishing trust and showing that you are willing/capable of following directions.

I am required to show photo id, verification photos and many other items just to post ads nowadays.



I am up to date on my vaccinations. I spend a significant amount of time sanitizing everything before and after sessions. Please contact so we can reschedule if you are showing symptoms of sickness or have tested positive. (Leave a minimum of 14 days between rescheduling. Do not tell me you are sick or have tested positive for covid and then try to reschedule the next day.) 

Supplies are layed out for clients to sanitize hands upon arrival and if you have any sort of cough (even if not covid related) to wear a mask throughout the session, except when showering.

Due to the world wide pandemic I am currently ABSOLUTELY NOT doing outcalls, FMTY (Fly Me To You) or Touring anywhere.

For the time being all sessions will be hosted at my new multi room 3000 sq ft facility 

in WINDSOR, Ontario, Canada. (Location is only 10 min from DETROIT, Michigan, USA border crossing)

There is plenty of free 24hr parking available to accomodate any size of vehicle on site. Work trucks and truckers welcome. 

Session start times can genrally be selected from 12noon – 12midnight any day of the week.

Make sure to contact at least 48hrs before your preferred date/time to allow enough time to complete the booking process and preparations for your unique session to be made. 

I generally do not start replying to booking forms or emails from the night before until after 12noon. ie. If you fill out a booking form at 2am requesting an 8am appt that same day you won’t recieve a reply untill after 12noon and the appointment won’t be available untill several hrs after that.

If you came here looking for PHOTOS & VIDEO you'll want to click on my social media accounts directly below, where you'll find hundreds of photos on each account to give you an idea of the many choose your own adventure scenarios we could create.

For your protection (from fakes like catfish or hackers) and mine from having my accounts deleted or important info about the session misplaced
do not ever message about sessions on social media.

The only way to book a session will be to submit the booking form here (if you're a new client)
or use the email you were given for existing clients.

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