A photo of your face and an interac deposit will be required to book any appointment with me. If you are not willing to do that don’t contact me wasting my time.




Due to the world wide pandemic I am currently not travelling anywhere.

For the time being all sessions will be hosted in London, Ontario, Canada.

Sessions of 2 hrs or more: are generally available 7 days, 6pm – 12 midnight with 48hrs notice.

Sessions less than that will only be available on days when I already have a longer session booked. 

So if you are waiting for a 1 hour session you can fill out the booking form (below) and specifically request to be put on the on-call mailing list for when shorter duration sessions can be made available. But be aware this is not frequent so if you really do want a session with me your best bet is to book at least 2 hrs, when you can choose the date/time and not miss your chance.

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