I offer IN-Person sessions. I do not offer online play or videos at this time.

A photo of your picture id and an interac email transfer deposit will be required to book any appointment with me. If you are not willing to do then do not bother contacting me.

A deposit is required for every person, every session as I don’t spend money on a location and driver until After a deposit has been submitted. There is a huge percentage of pranksters, timewasters and no shows. I can no longer operate a business losing literally thousands of dollars a month renting locations and spending all my time for nothing. I need to know at least a small portion of the expenses specifically for your session will be covered even if my many hours of preparation or work time that was reserved will not be.

A photo id is not about looks it is so that I can recognize who the correct person is when we meet up at the location and I will know who I am looking for, match it to the deposit that was paid so that there are no mix-ups. Also that you are of legal age.

Both of these things go towards establishing trust and establishing that you are willing/capable of following directions.



It’s fast and simple >>>

 – Read Website info

 – Fill out Booking Form

 – Choose a Date and Time

 – Send Deposit and Photo

 – Then that time is reserved for you, you will receive directions to the location where your special session will be hosted and the contact number for that day.


__________ PANDEMIC UPDATES _______________

Due to the world wide pandemic I am currently not doing FMTY (Fly Me To You) or Touring anywhere.

For the time being all sessions will be hosted in London, Ontario, Canada.

Times: Sessions available 12noon – 12 midnight.

Dates: 48hrs notice and a minimum booking of 2 hrs will be necessary before I pay to reserve a playspace, spend hours setting it up and sanitizing everything.

If you are looking for a 1 hr session you can fill out the booking form (below) and specifically request to be put on the on-call mailing list for if/when shorter duration sessions can be made available. But be aware this is not frequent so if you really do want a session with me your best bet is to book at least 2 hrs, when you can choose the date/time and not miss your chance to session with me.

I spend a significant amount of time sanitizing everything. Clients will be expected to sanitize hands upon arrival and wear a mask throughout the session, except when showering.

If you came here looking for PHOTOS & VIDEO you'll want to click on my social media accounts directly below, where you'll find hundreds of photos.

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