Every client, every Service Provider is different. I don’t subscribe to whorearchy. (A class system among sex workers.) No judgment from me about what you do and do not like. It takes all kinds to make a world.

I do a lot of things people would consider far-out on a daily basis. I’m very creative we can have loads of fun.

But these are my personal hard limits.

If you’ve applied to book a session with me. I’m going to assume you read this and are prepared to have a great session with me that does not include these things.

So if you come to my Dungeon. Have respect for me and my limits or you’ll be asked to leave and you won’t be invited back.

I can be sweet and soft. But let’s keep in mind I frequently torture people for a living. So let’s not push the boundaries of my temper. 

Not following directions or purposely being irritating to receive a “worse” punishment is not the way to go about it, unless this has been discussed as part of the roleplay misbehaviour will get the session stopped or you asked to leave and blocked.

Best policy: ASK for what you want instead of trying to be manipulative.

Be aware most sessions are CFNM Clothed Female Nude Male 

I don’t offer any kissing, oral, anal or vaginal penetration or licking on myself. (For example, there is no “full service” I do not perform “blow jobs”, I do not breastfeed submissives or use dildo toys on myself.)

Generally just do not touch me without asking and waiting to receive my permission (It’s called consent): Touching is generally one-sided. I do the domination, therefore, I do the touching. We discuss what you are into and what you’re not that day BEFORE the session starts and you have a safe word RED. 

No Switching: I know I’m small and cute but I’m not submissive. I don’t switch ever. I research, read reviews, test the new toys on myself and others before they are offered to clients during our session. So yes, I do know what it feels like and yet I’ve found ass slapping, hair pulling, rough play personally just make me very angry, in a not sexy way, so don’t go there.

No Blood play: I won’t permanently damage you (Safe Play). Occasionally during a session especially those involving insertion or impact tools flecks of blood may happen. When it does most people do not usually even notice or feel it. I do not intentionally draw blood during my sessions therefore I do not offer: piercing, stapling, cutting, tattooing, branding, or removal of parts ie. your penis.

No¬†Snuffing: I won’t kill you, even if you ask nicely. If you ask about: playing with no safe words, drugging you, suffocating you or holding you under water until you pass out, electrocuting you in the head, drinking your blood (or cutting myself so you can drink my blood) or chopping off parts of you to eat. Even if you are joking. I will block you. You’ve been warned.

No Staff: The best way to reach me is always website or email. The phone is usually muted and the number changes depending on location. Messages on social media generally get lost. I currently don’t have a personal assistant to take calls or answer emails. So be patient. If I’m in session all day I don’t stop a scene to check all my devices, that would be rude. No other dommes, doms, switches, submissives or videography crew are available at this time.

No Pimping: I’m not into pimping anyone out or setting up “dates” for guys.¬† Any “forced bi” sessions are with me, in the dominant role and my variety of faux phallus that can do amazing things no real penis can.

Cuckold Sessions: You want to roleplay, talk about fantasy cuckold topics during our session that is fine. I don’t recruit or fuck other men for you to watch.

Lift and Carry: I do not offer that as part of my sessions.

Fluids: I do not offer clients my: snot, feces, lactation, menstrual fluid or farts.

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