Human sexuality is highly complex, nuanced and mysterious.

Sessions can be Sadistic, Sensual, both or neither.

Here are some themes that are currently available. See the booking form or my social media for more inspiration.

Dark tantric style massage: Have you ever fantasized about being tied up, blindfolded and teased by a beautiful dominant woman? To be under her control, to let go. This is an ideal hybrid for beginners or the adventurous who want to add a little exciting kink to their life but do not enjoy elaborate dominance roleplay, pain or marking. A relaxational full body sensual massage infused with elements of light BDSM and fetish, such as bondage and sensation play.

Tease and Denial. Variety of Chastity Devices.

Feminization, Sissy Transformations: I have ensembles and can conduct a full transformation (wig, make up, etc) and training or something as simple as the addition of an item of lingerie to your session may be exciting. Photoshoots of this transformation so you have a memento are possible.

Masculinization: Coming in January. Clothing, specialized undergarments and attachments, make up techniques and more.

Forced Bi: in the context of a first session with me would have our typical gender roles reversed; I would be the female dominant instructing/guiding you in how to please the male and you the male submissive fulfilling the roles generally played by the female. It often incorporates play with my many phallic toys. Elements of cross dressing, lingerie and or other more specific roleplay scenarios can be created. *If you would like to have me dress more masculine please indicate this in advance.

Queening, Face Sitting (with bottoms on. There is no oral worship.) Scissor holds.

Breast Smothering, light breath play.

Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, stockings (nearly 100 shoes, high heels and boots for you to worship.)

Trampling, Crushing

Medical Roleplay scenes: Nurse, Doctor, Dentist, Proctologist

Popular Roleplay: CEO, Boss, Supervisor, Librarian, Head Mistress, Cheerleader, Step Daughter, Sister in Law, Mermaid, etc.

Sadism, Masochism: Sensory Play with various whartenberg wheels (or electric Wartenberg wheel) Nipple torture variety of nipple clips, clamps, forceps, CBT

Bondage: a whole variety of leather and metal collars, wrist and ankle restraints, rope, chains, straps, various methods of mummification even pallet wrap.

Discipline, Corporal Punishment, Percussion, Impact play: everything from OTK (over the knee) spanking to a variety of paddles (wood, leather, silicone) floggers (leather, suede) and leather bullwhips for the brave.

Electrical Stimulation: Sensory Play with Neon Wand and attachments. I also have a whole variety of pleasurable estim devices. 

Wax play

Watersports: Golden nectar (cocktail), golden shower.

Pet Play: collar, leash, pet bed and bowls, etc

A.B.D.L. (Adult Baby and/or Diaper Lovers):

Some of the baby items I have available here are: adult diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, bottles, sippy cups, soothers, sissy clothes, under pants, bows, wigs, fleece onesie, tonnes of large and small stuffed animals. A small comfy bed (can hold large heavy adult) can be set up in different colours or themes (such as dinosaurs with lots of pillows and soft baby blankets depending on baby’s preference/gender/regression age. Off the top of my head examples of activities available would be: bottle or baby spoon-feeding, playtime, singing children’s songs, a small table for colouring, tea parties, playing with a felt board, cuddles, rocking, lullabies, back rubbing, nap time, storytime or watching cartoons, baby lotion massage, diaper changes (wet, not messy) Bath time in my tub with tub toys and bath crayons has been a favorite with littles.

If you would like to incorporate BDSM or fetish elements into your time for naughty littles and domestic discipline: there are toys such as heart-shaped paddle, wooden hairbrush or over the knee spankings, hand slapping, mouth washing are also available. 

It helps for session planning is you let me know what age range/gender you would be regressing (or not for some it’s simply a diaper fetish) and what role you would prefer for me, teacher, nanny, babysitter another little etc, so I know what to wear and activities to set up for.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here or on “Things I do NOT offer” then you can ask when you complete my booking form.

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