PERCUSSION: (all the pinchy, pokey, slappy things)
whole variety of paddles, spanking bats, belts, straps, canes, floggers, whips
domestic discipline: household props: hairbrush, bath brush, wood spoon, spatula,
selection of whartenberg wheels
clips, clamps and forceps for nipples and balls
candles for wax play
belt style restraints
over door
under bed
variety of rope
hand cuffs
zip ties
duct tape
non stick latex tape
pallet wrap for full mummification or partial binding
latex and silicone bands
variety of blindfolds
variety of chastity devices – silicone and metal.
collection of collars, wrist and ankle cuffs/shackles
gags: ball gag, pony bit, metal dental gag
variety of penis and anus chastity
thigh restraints/supports
spreader bars
collection of urethral sounding rods
urethral spreader
strap on harness
cock rings
neon wand and collection of 30 different electrodes
Body tripper
power whip
metal probes and wands
estim unit with variety of different internal & external attachments for different parts.
ball crusher, electro add on
SEX MACHINE – depth, speed and angles can be changed. (Even some vibrating and thrusting attachments.) It can be controlled manually, by control box, wireless remote or by an app.
Rolling commode style WHEELCHAIR. For medical play, bondage, cbt and/or anal access on the go.
dozens of butt plugs
sizes of diodes (small, medium all the way up to giant)
Hitachi MAGIC WAND and attachments
vibrating insertables, vibrators
vibrating masturbation sleeve
grease gun luber
pusy pump
pee funnel for golden
Over 60 pairs of shoes, primarily high heels and high heeled boots in different colours and textures for you to worship, be trampled in or simply roll about in sniffing and licking if it so pleases you. Variety of Combat boots and flip flops also available.
sissy transformations: outfits, lingerie, bras, panties, breasts, stockings, shoes, wigs, makeup, nail polish. New prosthetic vagina.
variety of corsets sizes – corset training 
variety of satin and leather gloves
adult baby play: outfits, diapers, bottles, soothers, sippy cups, stuffed toys, tub toys. Whole collection of giant stuffed animals.
and much more. This is by no means a full inventory of all the things I have and new things are literally added all the time.
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